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Paleo Dog

Paleo Dog

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Paleo Dog: Give Your Best Friend a Long Life, Healthy Weight and Freedom from Illness by Nurturing His Inner Wolf.

  • Paperback 
  • English

By Jean Hofve  & Celeste Yarnall

From the tiniest teacup poodle to the most massive Great Dane, dogs' digestive systems are pure wolf. Fido's ancestors enjoyed a diet that was 45 to 50 percent protein, 40 to 50 percent fat, and less than 10 percent carbohydrates. Walk down the pet food aisle, however, and you'll find that typical commercial kibble is made mainly of starchy ingredients like peas, potatoes, corn, wheat, rice, and oats-nothing a prehistoric pup would dream of eating. This "healthy" mix is proving anything but: About 85 percent of dogs eat commercial dog food, and at least half of them are overweight or obese, with cancer killing 42 percent of all dogs and half of dogs over the age of 10.

So how do you feed a wolf disguised as a pug? Paleo Dog - by Jean Hofve, DVM, and Celeste Yarnall, PhD - guides readers through an assessment of their dogs' diets and helps them find the right balance of healthy ingredients. In addition to recipes and nutrition info, the book offers advice on what treats are safe, training tips, the benefits of exercise, massage, and other alternative therapies, and how to ensure that dogs receive the love and attention they need. Paleo Dog is the ultimate manual for any pet owner who wants to give her pet the longest and best quality of life.

Product details

  • Format Paperback | 320 pages
  • Dimensions 165 x 231 x 20mm | 490g
  • Publication date 03 Jun 2014
  • Publisher Rodale Press Inc.
  • Publication City/Country Emmaus, United States
  • Language English
  • ISBN10 162336146X
  • ISBN13 9781623361464