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Run AloeVera, Run!

So proud of my sus-fur AloeVeraPuppy!

"They're off! #AloeVeraPuppy has made a bad start.  *Bro-Colli is the front runner and *Spinach is just a little behind Bro-colli and on their heels here comes *Beans and *Butters.  They're coming to the home stretch and what an incredible finish this is going to be.  They are leaving AloeVeraPuppy behind  .... "

"But wait ...

Here comes AloeVeraPuppy.  Can she do it? Can she still win the race?"

She did it! AloeVeraPuppy won a fun run with friends.  Well done AloeVeraPuppy!  We are proud of you ... 

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Perhaps you will meet my susfur #AloeVeraPuppy and if you do and if you out-run her while playing, you must let me know.  It will be a wonderful follow-up story of my blog here. 



Picture Credits: Dog Walker & Jackie Weinberg Photography


  • AloeVeraPuppy, my sus-fur (with 3 x different sheepdogs in her DNA,  she has still to find a dog that can run faster than she can).  
  • Brocolli, Beans, Spinach & Butters: Not their real names.
  • My Dog Walker: Amber



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